By highway:

Spain by the A-49 through Seville. By the north by the A-66 via Seville and by the east from Madrid either through the A-5 to Merida, linking with the A-66 or through the A-4 to Cordoba and link both with the A-49 at Seville. From Portugal the E-1 route link Huelva with the entire country from Valença (near to eh northern border with Galicia) to Ayamonte


By train:

From the station of the capital of Huelva you can choose three train routes: Huelva-Sevilla, Huelva-Madrid and Huelva-Zafra. Location of the Train Station on Avenida de Italia, S / N. 21001 Huelva. Telephones: (+34) 902 24 02 02


In bus:

The company Damas S.A. performs connection services between the towns of the province, Seville, Andalusia and Portugal. The bus station is located on Avenida Doctor Rubio s / n. Telephones: (+34) 959 25 69 00/(+34) 902 11 44 92

The company Socibus S.A. performs regular services to Madrid. Phone: (+34) 902 22 92 92


By air:

The nearest international airports are Seville and Faro, both one hour by car.

Seville Airport Phone: (+34) 902 40 47 04

Faro airport. Phone: (+351) 289 80 08 00


By sea:

Since 2011 there is a ferry that links Huelva with the Canary Islands, specifically Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Naviera Armas Phone: (+34) 902 45 65 00